Ermal Alibali



Hi, I’m Ermal Alibali.

I help people and their businesses communicate their ideas to grow in the Digital World. I help Brands by creating content, by exploiting digital and the tools it offers to increase their value and their profit.

I started my professional journey by becoming passionate about technology and the internet. Without yet knowing their value since adolescence I enjoyed inventing strange figures on Illustrator, taking images by changing colors on Photoshop and creating clips with strange scenes that I shot, shredding and uniting without criteria, all surrounded by an infinite passion for video games since I was a child. Growing up I realized how much this way of playing with these software would be essencial to me for my career. In addition to social media, which were not as important as today, I learned a lot as a self-taught. My first experiences were small collaborations around Rome, important to gain experience and create my first Portfolio. But not only that, I enjoyed using Social Networks, to such an extent that I had entered a circle of photography and video enthusiasts for whom I managed and created content for pages and groups on Facebook by over 50,000 people using my self-taught knowledge. To date it does not seem such a high number, I know, but Instagram was not yet born, and influencers did not exist. It was difficult to find Italian communities and pages that talked about a profession that had such a high number of followers. 

While cultivating and specializing in these areas, I continued to study obtaining a degree in Languages. This academic field has allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures and interact with people during travel to the point of improving my relational and problem-solving skills.

Towards the graduation period, I began to improve my texts by writing articles for an online magazine, improving my skills in Copywriting and SEO analysis, today essential services for any digital content that is created.

After graduation, my advanced knowledge of photography, the digital world and software such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator led me to consider Multimedia Graphics as a field to be improved at an advanced level. I therefore obtained the professional qualification in Graphic Design, acquiring professional skills also in Marketing, Social Media, Digital and Business. Specializing mainly in Brand Identity and Web Design. I have exploited these skills by collaborating with various Roman communication and programming agencies in recent years.

Having a thirst for knowledge and discovering that I am what is called a multi-potential person, I have obtained several certificates and certifications that revolve around my profession, drastically improving my way of seeing, creating, and managing situations and projects of various kinds.

Some of my latest projects include some collaborations with important brands such as Altaroma (guest of the main events during Rome Fashion Week), Face Place Academy and Miss World Italy as a Fashion photographer and Videomaker, as well as the creation of visual content and management of their channels, online and offline, of various local brands.

A big leap was the decision to open a Youtube channel to share what I knew, creating content on photography, videomaking, design, social, personal growth and the digital world. All this mainly for an Italian audience given the absence of a certain professionalism in the various online content that deals with these issues. Avoiding in this way to pass certain concepts and considerations that you have in this country (eg “ah you know how to use the computer”). This step led me to understand some potential that I did not imagine I had acquired over time, such as the ability to explain difficult concepts in a simple way, to the point of doing consultations and private lessons of various types (photography lessons, advice on how to improve in the digital world through the use of social media or the creation of digital content, etc.)

With the advancement of technology and the various increasingly varied requests, in addition to taking further certifications on the world of digital marketing, my perspective “took flight”. Since 2021 I am also a certified drone pilot. Added to this is my strong interest in using artificial intelligence that is taking hold in this period to bring more and more quality to my customers.

At the moment I work in Rome, but depending on the project I am available for travel. However, if you need to, I also collaborate remotely!

And all this is just the incipit!


… if you think that I am the most qualified person to help you develop your idea, write to me here: and we organize a cognitive call so as to find out how I can help you or your brand to arise or improve!