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MidJourney: create art texting to an AI

Imagine, write and create.

I’ll tell you more about my first encounter with an AI using MidJourney, a new AI-powered tool that can turn any imagination into digital artwork.

Following the posts of Chris Do on Linkedin, who I’ll always thank for the content he brings online, I came across some digital artworks that he created thanks to a sort of a digital bot that I would call revolutionary and brilliant, a digital innovation.

The Founder of The Futur tried to create art with MidJourney, artificial intelligence that helps create visual arts. 

How MidJourney work?

The process is very simple: write down what you imagine, and AI will suggest digital arts in 60 seconds.

The more specific you are in the description, the more precise Midjourney is, and will try to create in detail what you have written.

In MidJourney each creation is unique and unrepeatable and, in a few seconds, it can help you improve your projects or give life to artworks that can inspire your creativity.

MidJourney for creatives

I can’t describe with words how this encounter, between my mind and Midjourney, through the power of words combined with AI, has been so immersive and special, to the point of wanting to implement it completely in the creation of future content including it in my future projects.

Testing MidJourney

Here I show you the first results I obtained by testing MidJourney indicating only some detached words. 

AI Art by Ermal AlibaliAI Art by Ermal AlibaliAI Art by Ermal AlibaliThe words that produced these pieces of art are: gold, marble, cinematic, and 4k.

Then I added the words “gold, marble, cinematic” some more specific: “woman, portrait” and the results were outstanding.

AI Art by Ermal Alibali AI Art by Ermal Alibali

MidJourney is a drug for those witgiveh a creative mind, and after a little practice it can help many creatives to produce unique and form undescribable content or simply take their idea to a visual level, shaping it concretely.

Curious about what would happen if you write down something more specific? Check the new video on my Youtube Channel where I do a full guide to how MidJourney works and how to use this extraordinary AI to create digital arts like these:

AI Art by Ermal Alibali AI Art by Ermal Alibali

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