Ermal Alibali



3D Graphics

Do you know what a ‘Voxel’ is? It’s the 3D equivalent of a pixel. In simple terms, it’s a 3D pixel.

Although you may not be familiar with it, voxel-based modeling has always played an important role in 3D graphics, especially in video games. You may have heard of Minecraft, which uses cubes to create various shapes, allowing players to use their imagination to build anything they can think of.

A more recent example is SandBox, an online game that uses 3D cubes (voxels) to create objects that can be bought and sold as NFTs, and then used within the game itself. A revolution inside the Metaverse.

However, using only voxels can be limiting for artists in many ways, such as creating smooth curves. This is why 3D graphics with voxels require a strong knowledge of 3D shape modeling and software.

If you want to see some of my voxel-based works, including animations, check them out on my Sketchfab and Behance profiles.

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