Ermal Alibali



Commercial Video

I recently created a commercial video at home for the Cyclops action figure from the Q-Fig series by Quantum Mechanix. Cyclops, or Scott Summers, is a popular character from Marvel Comics and a founding member of the X-Men.

Making a product video at home during the lockdown was a challenging task, as I had to create a set with limited objects and space. However, I found that creativity was the key to success and the final result exceeded my expectations.

The video showcases three main elements of the project. First, I improvised the set on my desk using objects I had on hand. This demonstrates that even with few resources, it’s possible to create an acceptable set, ideal for low-budget projects.

Next, I showcase a section of the editing process: the color process, starting from a Log profile picture to achieve perfect colors, as seen in any commercial.

Finally, I present the finished product. The video highlights the intricate details of the Cyclops figure, captured in stunning high definition.

Overall, this project was an exciting challenge that allowed me to flex my creative muscles and produce a professional-quality commercial from the comfort of my own home.

The Set

The Final Result

Color Editing Process