Ermal Alibali



Fashion Photoshooting

I had the pleasure of working closely with Pablo Gil Cagnè, a well-known makeup artist and professor from Rome. His reputation precedes him, having worked with his students to create stunning makeup looks for some of the most important fashion events in Rome and across Italy.

As part of a demonstrative session for his makeup courses, I was tasked with photographing one of his lessons featuring an exceptional model: Adele Sammartino, Miss World Italy 2019. It was an incredible opportunity to capture the work of a master artist and his talented students in action.

After the demonstration, I had the chance to take some photos of Adele Sammartino in selected clothing. It was a joy to work with such a talented and beautiful model, and the results were truly stunning.

If you want to see more of my work with Pablo Gil Cagnè and the incredible Adele Sammartino, be sure to check out my portfolio on Behance.