Ermal Alibali



Brand Identity – Social Media Content Creation & Management – Marketing/Advertising

Momy Fish is a small fishery located in the coastal town of Fiumicino, near Rome, Italy. Momy Fish is a beloved local business that was in need of a fresh and vibrant brand identity.

To capture the essence of Momy Fish and its owner, Monia, a lively and charismatic woman, I embarked on a journey to recreate their brand from the ground up. Through careful research and understanding of their vision, I sought to create a brand identity that would resonate with their target audience and reflect Monia’s vivacity.

The first step in this transformation was the creation of a new logo. Monia provided a single directive – the logo should work as a pictogram and prominently feature the business name. I crafted a logo that encapsulated the freshness and vibrancy of Momy Fish. The final design not only captured Monia’s spirit but also represented the essence of the business.

I extended the brand identity to encompass various touchpoints, including the packaging of their products adding a color palette and a minimal pattern.

I also took charge of managing Momy Fish’s social media presence. Leveraging mostly Facebook which she desires to focus on, I developed a strategic approach to showcase their products, share captivating stories, and foster a sense of community among their followers through the creation of graphic contents and advs. 

This digital transformation not only helped Momy Fish connect with their existing customers but also attracted new clientele to experience their exceptional seafood offerings.

Monia’s warm personality and infectious smile inspired me to create designs that truly captured the essence of Momy Fish and its unique character. Seeing her appreciation for the refreshed brand identity filled me with immense pride and satisfaction. Anybody loves clients that show so much enthusiasm.

Finally, I invite you to explore and evaluate this project also on Behance.