Ermal Alibali


Secret Room

Low Poly 3D Art

Prior to this experience, I had no previous knowledge of 3D software. However, I possessed a strong desire to enhance my professional skills in design and illustration by immersing myself in the world of 3D software. Consequently, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement, actively seeking tutorials on YouTube that specifically focused on Polygon Runway workflows and Blender software.

Although I encountered a steep learning curve initially, my determination propelled me forward, and I committed myself wholeheartedly to mastering the essential tools and techniques required for proficient use of Blender. Taking advantage of the additional time afforded by quarantine, I completely immersed myself in the learning process.

After dedicating four intense days to learning, I accomplished the creation of my first 3D isometric illustration. This personal achievement holds immense significance for me, considering that I began this endeavor from scratch and gradually progressed towards proficiency.

On the whole, this experience has proven to be both challenging and rewarding. It has not only expanded my skill set but also deepened my understanding of 3D software. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to continue my learning journey and further develop my abilities in this field.

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