Ermal Alibali



Brand Identity

Tilda is a bio-bistro located in Rome, catering to a medium-high consumer target. With a focus on refined cuisine, Tilda places a strong emphasis on organic ingredients, showcasing a distinctive “home made” approach. The establishment is open from breakfast to dinner, offering a diverse range of options. Inside, there is a section where customers can purchase organic ingredients and food items produced by the owners.

For this venue, I have created the entire Brand Identity, ranging from the development of the logo to all the necessary and requested visual elements.

In summary, I have been responsible for creating the following elements:

  • Logo
  • Brand Guidebook (Visual Identity Manual)
  • Patterns
  • Color Palette
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Invitation Envelopes
  • Menu
  • Packaging
  • Product Labels
  • Website
  • Advertising – Posters and Flyers for the grand opening
  • Advertising – Print magazine/newspaper
  • Logo Animation

In these images, you can observe a selection of the many elements created for Tilda.

Please also check out the presentation on Behance.