Ermal Alibali


On Vogue Italia

Fashion Photography


In 2015, when I was just starting out in fashion photography, I stumbled upon the section of Vogue dedicated to photographers. It immediately caught my attention and I was eager to submit my work for consideration.

The process was simple: photographers could upload their photos and if they were selected, they would be featured on the Vogue Italia website. However, there were many criteria to meet and my first attempts were rejected.

Instead of giving up, I persevered and decided to submit some exclusive photos that I hadn’t published anywhere else. To my delight, they were chosen and published on the website.

This experience was a turning point in my journey as a fashion photographer and opened doors to other amazing opportunities, such as working with Miss World Italy and AltaRoma.

I invite you to check out my work on Vogue Italia and see how far I’ve come since my first humble submission.