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Venezia by Ermal Alibali

Venice Street Photography Venice, with its winding canals and historic architecture that seems to emerge directly from the water, is a breathtaking place offering endless opportunities to capture extraordinary images. Water is truly the soul of Venice. Each canal reflects the beauty of the historic buildings, the silently gliding gondolas, and the lights dancing on the surface. It is a fundamental element that makes every corner of the city a perfect frame for photographs. I have walked these streets and crossed these bridges, letting myself be inspired by the magic that only Venice can offer.       Back to Home

Momy Fish

MOMY FISH Brand Identity – Social Media Content Creation & Management – Marketing/Advertising Momy Fish is a small fishery located in the coastal town of Fiumicino, near Rome, Italy. Momy Fish is a beloved local business that was in need of a fresh and vibrant brand identity. To capture the essence of Momy Fish and its owner, Monia, a lively and charismatic woman, I embarked on a journey to recreate their brand from the ground up. Through careful research and understanding of their vision, I sought to create a brand identity that would resonate with their target audience and reflect Monia’s vivacity. The first step in this transformation was the creation of a new logo. Monia provided a single directive – the logo should work as a pictogram and prominently feature the business name. I crafted a logo that encapsulated the freshness and vibrancy of Momy Fish. The final design not only captured Monia’s spirit but also represented the essence of the business. I extended the brand identity to encompass various touchpoints, including the packaging of their products adding a color palette and a minimal pattern. I also took charge of managing Momy Fish’s social media presence. Leveraging mostly Facebook which she desires to focus on, I developed a strategic approach to showcase their products, share captivating stories, and foster a sense of community among their followers through the creation of graphic contents and advs.  This digital transformation not only helped Momy Fish connect with their existing customers but also attracted new clientele to experience their exceptional seafood offerings. Monia’s warm personality and infectious smile inspired me to create designs that truly captured the essence of Momy Fish and its unique character. Seeing her appreciation for the refreshed brand identity filled me with immense pride and satisfaction. Anybody loves clients that show so much enthusiasm. Finally, I invite you to explore and evaluate this project also on Behance. Back to Home Back to Home


TILDA Brand Identity Tilda is a bio-bistro located in Rome, catering to a medium-high consumer target. With a focus on refined cuisine, Tilda places a strong emphasis on organic ingredients, showcasing a distinctive “home made” approach. The establishment is open from breakfast to dinner, offering a diverse range of options. Inside, there is a section where customers can purchase organic ingredients and food items produced by the owners. For this venue, I have created the entire Brand Identity, ranging from the development of the logo to all the necessary and requested visual elements. In summary, I have been responsible for creating the following elements: Logo Brand Guidebook (Visual Identity Manual) Patterns Color Palette Business Cards Letterhead Invitation Envelopes Menu Packaging Product Labels Website Advertising – Posters and Flyers for the grand opening Advertising – Print magazine/newspaper Logo Animation In these images, you can observe a selection of the many elements created for Tilda. Please also check out the presentation on Behance. Torna alla Home


GAMEPLIFY Brand Identity – Web Design – Creative writing Gameplify talks about the gaming world and all its facets. It’s a platform born in 2023 where businesses and gaming enthusiasts can come together to share their views and perspectives on the Games Industry. Gameplify provides readers with the tools and resources they need to stay ahead of the curve in the highly gaming industry. Their goal is to bring together professionals, enthusiasts, and players to share knowledge, experiences, and opportunities. This Blog is for whom are interested in game development, esports, game design, or gaming culture. As a Founder of Gameplify, with my skills, I develop a comprehensive Brand Identity, encompassing various aspects ranging from Logo creation to the meticulous construction of the entire website, incorporating all its intricate features. Every element you observe is designed by me. I also undertook the responsibility of designing and creating social media templates for Gameplify. In a few words, all of Digital Gameplify’s presence was created by me. I hope you will enjoy it. Additionally, I am also a Copywriter inside the Gameplify family, using my expertise in copywriting I create Blog articles. Back to Home


NERDOLOGY Logo Design “Born to explain the inexplicable of the Nerd World!” Nerdology is a brand that aims to bring the mysterious and often difficult-to-understand world of nerds to the masses. The brand’s social media posts are informative, analytical, and even scientific, with the goal of explaining every topic in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. Although it is currently only present on a few online platforms, Nerdology has ambitious plans to become the go-to source for both new and seasoned nerds alike. As the creator of the Nerdology logo, I also helped bring the project to life through consulting and strategic planning. From initial idea to full-fledged project, I worked closely with the Nerdology team to ensure that their vision was realized in the best possible way. At Nerdology, we believe that everyone can appreciate the complex and intriguing world of nerds, and we strive to make it accessible to all. Through our social media presence and our commitment to providing informative and analytical content, we hope to be the ultimate resource for anyone who is curious about this fascinating world. So whether you’re a seasoned nerd or just starting to explore this world, Nerdology is here to help you understand and appreciate it like never before. Follow us on our social media platforms and join us on this exciting journey! Back to Home

Secret Room

Secret Room Low Poly 3D Art Prior to this experience, I had no previous knowledge of 3D software. However, I possessed a strong desire to enhance my professional skills in design and illustration by immersing myself in the world of 3D software. Consequently, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement, actively seeking tutorials on YouTube that specifically focused on Polygon Runway workflows and Blender software. Although I encountered a steep learning curve initially, my determination propelled me forward, and I committed myself wholeheartedly to mastering the essential tools and techniques required for proficient use of Blender. Taking advantage of the additional time afforded by quarantine, I completely immersed myself in the learning process. After dedicating four intense days to learning, I accomplished the creation of my first 3D isometric illustration. This personal achievement holds immense significance for me, considering that I began this endeavor from scratch and gradually progressed towards proficiency. On the whole, this experience has proven to be both challenging and rewarding. It has not only expanded my skill set but also deepened my understanding of 3D software. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to continue my learning journey and further develop my abilities in this field. For more details, please visit my Behance profile. Back to Home

Vogue Italy

Ermal Alibali on Vogue Italia

On Vogue Italia Fashion Photography   In 2015, when I was just starting out in fashion photography, I stumbled upon the section of Vogue dedicated to photographers. It immediately caught my attention and I was eager to submit my work for consideration. The process was simple: photographers could upload their photos and if they were selected, they would be featured on the Vogue Italia website. However, there were many criteria to meet and my first attempts were rejected. Instead of giving up, I persevered and decided to submit some exclusive photos that I hadn’t published anywhere else. To my delight, they were chosen and published on the website. This experience was a turning point in my journey as a fashion photographer and opened doors to other amazing opportunities, such as working with Miss World Italy and AltaRoma. I invite you to check out my work on Vogue Italia and see how far I’ve come since my first humble submission. Back to Home

3D Voxel Art

3D VOXELS 3D Graphics Do you know what a ‘Voxel’ is? It’s the 3D equivalent of a pixel. In simple terms, it’s a 3D pixel. Although you may not be familiar with it, voxel-based modeling has always played an important role in 3D graphics, especially in video games. You may have heard of Minecraft, which uses cubes to create various shapes, allowing players to use their imagination to build anything they can think of. A more recent example is SandBox, an online game that uses 3D cubes (voxels) to create objects that can be bought and sold as NFTs, and then used within the game itself. A revolution inside the Metaverse. However, using only voxels can be limiting for artists in many ways, such as creating smooth curves. This is why 3D graphics with voxels require a strong knowledge of 3D shape modeling and software. If you want to see some of my voxel-based works, including animations, check them out on my Sketchfab and Behance profiles. Don’t forget to click and hold down to rotate and zoom in every direction! Back to Home

Pantheon, Rome by Drone


PANTHEON Drone Video Come with me on an exciting journey as I show you the Pantheon in Rome from a unique perspective with my drone. Although the weather wasn’t the best, with a deluge looming and recent rain, it made the experience even more special and breathtaking. I created this video entirely on my own, from recording the footage, editing, color correction, and grading to achieve the final result. Let me share some interesting facts about the Pantheon: Originally constructed as a temple dedicated to all deities of the past, present, and future, the Pantheon was founded in 27 BC. The building’s entire structure is a perfect sphere, and from the outside, the dome looks bare since the gilded bronze that covered it was removed. The only remaining bronze is found on the oculus and on the monument’s frame. The oculus, located in the center of the dome, is the only window in the entire structure. Many believe that it doesn’t rain inside the temple, but it’s not true. As you can see in this video, the reflection of water on the temple floor proves otherwise. The oculus was built with precise calculations to ensure that during the summer solstice at noon, a beam of light enters from the oculus and illuminates the large entrance door. Additionally, the Pantheon also contains some tombs, including those of the first kings of Italy: Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I, as well as that of Raffaello. If you want to see more breathtaking videos like this, head over to my Youtube Channel. Pantheon by Ermal Alibali Pantheon by Ermal Alibali Back to Home

QB Ideas


QB Ideas E-commerce & Brand Identity QB Ideas is an ambitious e-commerce project that I was contacted to create from scratch. The client had no prior knowledge of building an e-commerce platform and was in need of a turnkey solution. As a professional in all fields needed for the project, I took charge of the entire project, from developing the name, designing the brand identity, establishing the online presence, and managing the social media platforms. I focused on even the smallest details of the project to ensure flawless execution. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was creating and designing the entire e-commerce website. From product descriptions to various policies, every aspect of the site was written by me. I even went further to train the client on how to manage the e-commerce platform through Shopify. I took care of every detail, including order management, returns, and other essential features. Overall, I’m proud of the final result of the QB Ideas project, and the client was pleased with the outcome. The branding, website design, and social media management were effective and helped the business to establish its presence online. Back to Home