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Momy Fish

MOMY FISH Brand Identity – Social Media Content Creation & Management – Marketing/Advertising Momy Fish is a small fishery located in the coastal town of Fiumicino, near Rome, Italy. Momy Fish is a beloved local business that was in need of a fresh and vibrant brand identity. To capture the essence of Momy Fish and […]


TILDA Brand Identity Tilda is a bio-bistro located in Rome, catering to a medium-high consumer target. With a focus on refined cuisine, Tilda places a strong emphasis on organic ingredients, showcasing a distinctive “home made” approach. The establishment is open from breakfast to dinner, offering a diverse range of options. Inside, there is a section […]


GAMEPLIFY Brand Identity – Web Design – Creative writing Gameplify talks about the gaming world and all its facets. It’s a platform born in 2023 where businesses and gaming enthusiasts can come together to share their views and perspectives on the Games Industry. Gameplify provides readers with the tools and resources they need to stay […]


NERDOLOGY Logo Design “Born to explain the inexplicable of the Nerd World!” Nerdology is a brand that aims to bring the mysterious and often difficult-to-understand world of nerds to the masses. The brand’s social media posts are informative, analytical, and even scientific, with the goal of explaining every topic in a way that is easy […]

Secret Room

Secret Room Low Poly 3D Art Prior to this experience, I had no previous knowledge of 3D software. However, I possessed a strong desire to enhance my professional skills in design and illustration by immersing myself in the world of 3D software. Consequently, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement, actively seeking tutorials on YouTube […]

Vogue Italy

Ermal Alibali on Vogue Italia

On Vogue Italia Fashion Photography   In 2015, when I was just starting out in fashion photography, I stumbled upon the section of Vogue dedicated to photographers. It immediately caught my attention and I was eager to submit my work for consideration. The process was simple: photographers could upload their photos and if they were […]

3D Voxel Art

3D VOXELS 3D Graphics Do you know what a ‘Voxel’ is? It’s the 3D equivalent of a pixel. In simple terms, it’s a 3D pixel. Although you may not be familiar with it, voxel-based modeling has always played an important role in 3D graphics, especially in video games. You may have heard of Minecraft, which […]

Pantheon, Rome by Drone


PANTHEON Drone Video Come with me on an exciting journey as I show you the Pantheon in Rome from a unique perspective with my drone. Although the weather wasn’t the best, with a deluge looming and recent rain, it made the experience even more special and breathtaking. I created this video entirely on my own, […]

QB Ideas


QB Ideas E-commerce & Brand Identity QB Ideas is an ambitious e-commerce project that I was contacted to create from scratch. The client had no prior knowledge of building an e-commerce platform and was in need of a turnkey solution. As a professional in all fields needed for the project, I took charge of the […]

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials


LIGHTROOMTUTORIALS Video Content Creation Starting from the end of 2020, I made a decision to share my passion and knowledge about photography, videography, design, and the digital world with the world. Thus, I started a Youtube Channel mainly catering to the Italian audience, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as most of my videos […]